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We shall start this February issue with the discussion about system of proofs and matter of reliability of different arguments. Many of our readers have witnessed the events that cannot be explained (like UFOs, contacts with extraterristials, etc.). They've seen it by their own eyes, but anyway they ask themselves and us in their letters questions like: "Why should I believe it?" "Anyone may just fall into illusion. Why are strange things always explained by strange reasons?"
First of all, everyone has to believe himself. If someone saw a star moving in random directions, he (or she) is free to decide whether that star was actually seen. Having met anything unusual, psychologically it is easier to consider it a dream, a fancy, or delirium. That's exactly the way many people do. But if someone, who has witnessed anything strange or incredible, decides to believe oneself, which means to accept the fact of existence of something unusual, then the second question about strange reasons arises.
Besides, one has to believe not only oneself but also others. Very often letters, articles, reports arguing for a particular point of view begin with a phrase: "It is known that..." followed by a statement, a physical or mathematic law, a historical fact, etc. But what is actually known is that human notions of world are constantly changing. So why does the information in scientific books have to be more credible than that in the UFO literature? Why photos and videos of the unusual are considered less serious than photos and videos of ordinary events?
Thus, whether we believe something or not, is determined not by the quality of arguments but by a human nature. One is ready to look into the unknown, to face all the mysteries, but the other prefers idle, ordinary life, and if anything extraordinary happens, such person is much likely just to ignore it.

The sensation didn't come off
by Ludmila OSOKINA, member of Applied Parapsychology Association

In 1995 in one of St. Petersburg newspapers appeared an article by Tatiana Beloshutskaya about the scary mystery of Kunstkamera, first Russian museum of natural history, founded by tsar Peter the Great. Here's what the article said: "There is a hall in Kunstkamera where people who come to see the exhibition, especially schoolchildren, often fall down in a faint". Stuff members of Kunstkamera said that it might happen up to ten times a day. The article ended with a question: "What is this black pit in the center of the oldest museum in Russia and who's to puzzle out this mystery?"
The article intrigued me and I decided to figure out the cause of such effect. For those who have not been in this hall of Kunstkamera, I shall remind that a collection of anatomic anomalies is put on view here.
I visited this hall and tested the emotional condition of ten different people by a special card-indicator ("FutureHealth"). The test didn't reveal anything unusual except that those people were in condition of either emotional tense or stress. The same testing in other halls showed normal condition of the visitors. Using method of biolocation, I checked for presence of geopathogenic zones - nothing special was found. Besides, no one fell down in a faint while I was there. But cases of faint were actually witnessed by many stuff members of this museum.
Then what was it? Museum stuff members explain it all from a common sense point of view. There are no any geopathogenic zones. The only factor that remains is an emotional one. I turned to one of my fellow phycophysiologists from Military Academy of Medicine. That's how he explained this mysterious phenomenon.
"This is very simple. The cases of faints in Peter's hall are determined by emotional stress caused by sights of anatomic anomalies, and it is children who feel it first. This kind of faint is called "and emotiongenic faint".
Here is another opinion expressed by a famous doctor Vitaliy Bogdanovich, an author of many books on art energetics: "There are many things in Kunstkamera that belonged to civilizations of mythological thinking. This kind of thinking includes the deification of both material and heavenly worlds. People in museum pass through all the history just like the civilization exhibited in the hall. The magic objects affect them differently, and it creates the prerequisites for the following reaction".
First, in Peter's hall there is energy of shape - it's a dome that affect different people differently. Second, young people (10 - 12 years old) are especially sensitive to such things as anatomic anomalies. Besides, many global changes in organism take place at this age. It all gives the prerequisites for phycoemotional frustration that can be expressed both in behavioral reactions (excitement, scream) and in physiological reactions (faint).
Thus my investigation was finished. There is no any "black pit in the center of the oldest museum in Russia". This sensation didn't come off.

by Alexander POTAPOV

You have something that no other man has: the ability to live under water...

  1. Belyaev "An amphibious man"

When I was eleven, I had a book that I adored reading: "An amphibious man" by A. Belyeav. The book was about a young man who had both branchiae and lungs and was able to live and breathe on earth and under water. Because of this wonder ability he was captured by people from mafia who forced him to dive for pearls, and it brought them a lot of money. Anyhow the young man managed to escape with a help of one of his friends, Professor Salvator. The book ended when Ikhtiander broke out into the Ocean and swam away.
After I had finished reading, I had a feeling that there still was something to happen, it all didn't look like an end of the story.
And one day when I was going back home from school, I met an old man in the park. He suddenly asked me if I liked the book and if I would like to know what happened thereafter. Certainly I agreed - the book was my favorite.
He told me that Ikhtianer swam to a Salvator's friend, a famous oceanologist Arman Vilbua. Arman had a sister who fell in love with Ikhtiander. Professor Salvator implanted Ikhtiander ordinary human lungs, and when Arman's sister and Ikhtiander got married, they both settled in a house on seashore. Thus Ikhtiander became on ordinary man. They had children and led usual life.
When the old man finished his story, rose and went away, I've long sat in the park feeling like I was hypnotized. My brain was fuddled, and suddenly an idea came into my mind: it was Professor Salvator who had told me this story!

St. Petersburg


This is a story of ambitious race between the Soviet Union and the United States to reach the moon that started in late 60s. From the very beginning the Soviets bet on automated and remote controlled systems. It was supposed that spacecraft would deliver the lunar vehicle (Lunokhod) to the surface of the moon to perform explorations and scientific tests. The lab sampling of lunar soil was also supposed to be performed by automated equipment. Further those samples of moon soil were to be delivered back to the Earth by the returning block of the spacecraft. It was successfully done on the 24th of September 1970. But the first attempt was made a month before the American expedition on board of Apollo 11 started.
Another attempt with partial success was made on the 13
th of 1969, three days before the flight of Apollo 11. Both Soviet and American spacecrafts were to reach the moon and land actually simultaneously. But landing of Russian "Luna-15" was postponed leaving the priority to American astronauts on board of Apollo.
There are several explanations to that fact. One concerns some technical problems that had to be solved by Russians at that moment. Another is that Russians simply postponed the landing of their "Luna" under the request of Americans at the last moment.
Anyhow, Russians received three "shipments" of lunar surface samples till 1976. Twenty two years have passed, and nobody can say when the humanity will next pay attention to its nearest cosmic neighbor. And one more thing to add - in December 1993 three small fragments of lunar surface brought to the Earth by Soviet "Luna" were sold at Sotheby's for $442500.

Stories of "babushka" Nastya
by Eugeniy LIFAR

This is a kind of folk story told by an old peasant woman "babushka" Nastya. In old times people in Russian villages believed they had witches and sorcerers in their neighborhoods. They respected and feared them. No significant occasion in peasants' life could ever go smooth without support and approval of local sorcerer - be it wedding, building a new house, or cattlebreeding.

by Vasiliy KOSINOV

Since I was born till I was seventeen I had lived in a village called Oboyan, in Kursk region. My friends and I liked fishing and we often went to a nearest river to catch some fish and to enjoy the blooming nature.
One day, fishing had excited us so much that we didn't even notice that one of our friends suddenly disappeared. We called him, but it was only echo that answered. In ten minutes or so he returned back, frightened to death, and told us that he'd been at a snake den, in the forest, in the place that our people called "a wolf pit". He saw a lot of snakes and could hardly explain how he got there and returned back to us. We didn't believe him and went there to see for ourselves. It took us almost two and a half ours to get there (how could he pass this way in ten minutes?). Really, there were a lot of snakes at the place that he showed, they were lying on the fallen trees enjoying the early spring sunlight.
The school I attended was situated in a distant village, so everyday I had to ski through the fields covered by snow to get there. It was Christmas Eve, and as usual I was going to my daily classes. As a rule, my way took me less than an hour, but this time, somewhere in the middle of the road, I felt that I was enveloped in a heavy milky mist. At the same moment I realized that I see no telegraph poles that served as orienting points for me. I lost my way, and later found myself in that very same snake den in the forest (it was winter so there were no snakes). The matter is that forest where a snake den in "wolf pit" is, located in direction opposite to which I initially followed on my way to school. I returned home in three hours.
Specialists say that the described cases are nothing else than teleportation. Teleportation is an instant movement of a subject in space without help of any technical means. This term was invented not by science fiction authors, like many people think, it belongs to Charles Fort, an American researcher of paranormal events.
There are many facts of teleportation in a human history, but unfortunately yet there are no comprehensive, scientific, analytical and practical works on the matter, while this phenomenon still surprise us and heats our imagination.




In March the women's theme is prevailing in readers' minds and in their letters.

Motherhood. Education of children. Creativity of the home hearthside. Care of those sick and treatment. Ethical healing of criminals. Transformation of a nature. Streamways of religious life. Creativity of love. And at last, creative conception of soul of the one that she loves. Here is what the woman is irreplaceable and is boundlessly gifted in.

The visionaries forecast to us that in 2003 the epoch of reign of Great Ladies will begin. For in epoch of Aquarius, contrary to man's epoch of Pisces, the leading role in the society will be played by women. Being more sophisticatedly organized by essence, the women are media of civilization, and this is especially important in critical epoch (and the beginning of the new century and millennium will surely be critical). In XXI century a new matriarchy will begin. Some Great Ladies will appear in East and in Russia.


by Vitaliy Diachkov

Numerous facts testify that the appearance in a concrete man of any phenomenal abilities is preceded by an event of phenomenal nature. To prove the point, there is a story that happened to a young artist Andrey Sibert of Yoshkar-Ola city.

...At the end of July, 1994 he was at home alone. Suddenly he felt a headache. The room was filled with bright yellow light, though it rather reminded a dense fog. There were bright flares shining like lightnings. Then everything disappeared, and the room has got the usual appearance, but at a sidewall Andrey had noticed a woman, and it seemed like his "guest" swam into the wall and then dissolved inside!

Then completely unfamiliar signs, characters, letters floated before his eyes. When he found rest again, all clocks in his apartment, including electronic ones, were six hours late! Two weeks had passed, and he felt an irresistible desire to record signals that came over him. He saw some texts in the unearthly language, very complex characters, semiabstract pictures of animals reminding elephants, snakes, bears and other creatures, and humans in spacesuits.

But that's not yet all. As Andrey said, he telepathically receives various information of high cognitive level that far too much exceeds our earth knowledges, and also he is given the possibility to be in other worlds through "connection".


by Alexander Potapov

It is known from history that yet the emperors of Ancient Japan prohibited the warriors to make a feast of a fish which in Japan is called fugu. Those who violated this rule were subjected to confiscation of all property. The same prohibition was implemented in the army of Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia. It is obvious, that so harsh measures were taken not accidentally. Fugu fish comprise one of the most dangerous natural poisons, tetrodotoxine.

The first description of symptoms of poisoning by tetrodotoxine can be found in a diary of a famous English traveler James Cook. Sometimes those injured by poisoning with fugu fish run in coma, which is stipulated by poison's affection to central nervous system.

Having known the unusual qualities of fugu poison, Haitian witchdoctors had long been using toxic flesh of this fish for preparation of the "zombie powder". The one who was condemned, suddenly died. He was buried, with the appropriate rituals. However few days later the witchdoctor ordered to dig the dead out. There was a ritual of revival, and the former dead began a new life. But now he became a zombie - totally rejected, alive dead bringing horror.

The riddle still remains unsolved. It is determined only that the "zombie power" was poured in victims' food. It was the imaginary death that was practically not distinguished from a real one. A basis of this hellbroth was tetrodotoxine. How can a man with practically full absence of breath and heart activity remain under ground for some days and then become alive? It still remains a secret.

In the meantime, despite of dangerous qualities of fugu fish, in Japan there are special restaurants where the gourmets tend to get just to taste the fugu delicates. The preparation of dishes from fugu fish is permitted only to those cooks who had passed special training and were given a special license. Having eaten a fugu, the man enjoys unique sensation of internal comfort, feels warmly in all the body, some energization. Probably the narcotic effect that originates these feelings is considered to be the main reason that forces people to expose themselves to such risk.

And the danger is really great . About 100 deaths per year. According to the scientists, tetrodotoxine can be widely used in medicine. That day is near, when on counters of drugstores there will be a medicine made from this poison, bringing fast relief from any pain and absolutely free of any side effects.


by Vladimir Tormyshov

This is a story about mysterious "twins" of really existing people which incredibly appeared simultaneously in some other place. Those "duplicates" of persons met people, and sometimes even the "originals", like Latvian teacher who embarrassed the schoolgirls giving a lesson assisted by her twin and at the same time having been witnessed to be present in some other part of the school building.


by Sergey Beresnev

Here comes a breathtaking description of Heaven, Hell, Armageddon, and what happens after death. A must to read.


by Vasiliy Kosinov

Another thriller about UFO kidnapping people, abducting humans, and conveying their bodies to nowhere. About one thousand people have been registered as UFO travelers. Most of them traveled alone. But the group voyages were also reported. The toughest story is about British infantry regiment of four thousand men irreversibly transposed from the battlefield on Turkish front during World War I.



Today, on the eve of XXI century, becomes obvious an inconsistency of existing technologies, drastically influential on physical and spiritual health of the man, destroying the environment and planet in whole. It is absolutely clear that it is impossible to destroy indefinitely long the ship on which all of us together travel in space, without danger to suffer a catastrophe.

At the same time in Russia there is a huge potential in form of a significant amount of the unclaimed inventions capable of changing cardinally the life of mankind. In this connection a group of inventors have united in Engineering center of reconstruction of mankind and addressed to all citizens of Russia, who are concerned with spiritual, creative, moral, political and economical development of motherland and of all mankind.

The objective of the appeal is to attract the attention of domestic industrial and financial structures to aims and tasks of Engineering center. It is a desperate attempt to promote the implementation of spiritual, moral pursuits and creative potential of the Russian scientists and inventors.

To commence practical activity, Engineering center needs initial investment of 1 - 3 million dollars to maintain self-financing. The aim is the creation of a global non-state organization capable, at last, actually to embody the most courageous high ideals - a concept of new world order in the widest schedule covering all spheres of activity of mankind.

If you share our views and interests, we expect your information about yourself, your abilities and your business suggestions. Our address is:

197183, St.-Petersburg, p.o. box 2

e-mail: golomol@mail.nevalink.ru

We hope for cooperation.



April is not only full with magic pictures of transformation of a nature, but also is full of historical events. Many letters are dedicated to three of them. In April (April 22, 1870) V. Lenin was born. People express quite controversive opinions about this man and about his burial. Not everyone could forgive Lenin's mistake. But it is they who try to save him from the anguish he was doomed to by those who love him. It is no wonder that even basic rights of buried Lenin were downtroddened by his admirers. His widow asked not to make an idol of him because he didn't want it, she asked to bury him as an ordinary man. But she was not given the body of her husband. Isn't that a blasphemy? And in the meantime those who take a stand for normal burial of Lenin's body are accused in blasphemy. The purely Russian mysticism is that actual torturers Lenin's soul are those who swear by his name.

In April (April 12, 1961) Yury Gagarin for the first time in history of our civilization performed a flight to space by the spaceship "Vostok". Seven years later he perished in aircrash during a training flight. There is a lot of versions about this death, ranging from a rare one about suicide up to numerous speculations connected with abduction by some extraterrestrials.

In April (April 15, 1912) "Titanic" had sunk. Many of your questions will be answered by the publication about it in this issue.

A burst of publications about the unidentified flying plates and abnormal phenomena struck mass media after the information of this ceased to be classified in 1989. However UFOs are studied most thoroughly and completely by military and intelligence services of different countries. It is generally assumed that it was military who in fifties rescued Soviet genetics and cybernetics, when the intelligence reported that with help of these "science" the newest bacteriological tools and computing devices were obtained. May be the military efforts on UFO should be simply disclosed?

"The Lost years" of Jesus' life. Those who read the Gospel, will recollect, that there are descriptions of life of Jesus-child and Jesus-adult man. The researchers has always been concerned about the lacuna of 17 years, from childhood till meeting with John the Baptist. For almost 18 centuries versions remained just versions. The truth disclosed itself accidentally to Russian journalist Nikolay Notovich, who in 1887 traveled to India and Tibet. In Buddhist monastery he found a copy of ancient manuscript from which followed that Jesus had spent some time in India. N. Notovich published a book "The unknown life of Jesus Christ" that was translated into many languages and was repeatedly reprinted. Describing the expedition to Central Asia in 1924 - 1928, Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerikh confirmed the stay in these places of Sacred Isa ("Jesus" pronounced in oriental manner). His information coincide partially with that presented by N. Notovich.

Everyone understands that apocalyptic changes have already begun. But noone seems to care. Why sun eclipses are often declared as the beginning of the End of World? Probably, these associations do not arise accidentally. Because a nuclear winter is also a nuclear night. We do not know what testimony of destiny is, but we know for sure that everything we'll have to face is written down in it. So let it be light, and joy, and kindness, and pleasure in our future.


by Vitaliy Diachkov

"I contact with Mind of the Universe!" - this was the beginning of a letter from Natalya Kapralova that was published several years ago in one of Moscow magazines. The article emphasized that Natalya had correctly predicted the outbreak of hostilities in Persian gulf, and its results (it was about the previous conflict with Iraq, not the last).

Her contacts began in autumn of 1989 and went on regularly. Kapralova was asking questions addressing to Higher Light Powers and sometimes to God. After a while she started to receive on mentiferous level the information even without asking for it. This information was mainly on ecological problems. It was stated the the Earth is a living organism, people behave badly, do harm to Earth. Soon stars will approach the Earth and global catastrophes will begin. The whole countries will vanish (that's exactly what Nostradamus predicted). It will happen in 2003.

It is very simple to avoid deperition of humanity: all it takes is to stop doing harm to everyone and everything - to Earth, to each other, to any living creatures. This is the only way to salvation.


by Alexander Potapov

It is rather hard to find a country in myths of which there are no dragons - the gigantic scary monsters living in ocean abyss. All mediaeval Christian Europe had no doubts about their existence, as well as about creation of Eva from Adam's rib.

Legends about sea dragon or serpent are so common that the question arises: are there really large animals in the ocean looking like dragons? Only during last three centuries a gigantic sea monster has been witnessed by more than a thousand people, and they all call it a "sea- serpent".

The mysterious creature was seen in different places: near shore of North America, Norway, England, Portugal, near Azores, West Africa, Scotland, North France, in Indian Ocean, in Red Sea and even Mediterranean Sea. Scientists are of different opinions about this matter: one are convinced that they exist, the others deny this possibility.

Despite of quite frequent meetings, no one could take a picture of the monster. Finally, in 1964 first photos were taken by a French photographer. Unfortunately, the quality of those pictures were not good enough to uncover the truth.

It will become possible to believe conclusively in existence of the mysterious monsters only when the scientists get one to examine - this is the official point of view of the modern science.


by Vyacheslav Chernyshov

A lot of things has been said and written about slumbers, but certain most important things are still left unsaid. Comparing different information about sleeping, slumbers, and dreams, led the author to the conclusion that those can be specified as follows.

slumbers reflecting the interactions in the astral world

slumbers showing definite moments of previous lives of ourselves

allegoric, symbolic, and warning slumbers

dreams related to the information forbidden for ourselves

lethargic sleeping

the unknown

This is all about "The Vivid Ethics" - the gate to enter another world in which we spend just little few than half of our lives.



This book is for those capable of making huge spiritual efforts. It will bring disappointment and headache to all others. It's pabulum for spiritual elite.

Many problems of humanity arose when the first teachers had appeared and started to impose views on life to other members of the society. That's what the sin of cognition of the good and the evil is. The matter is that the basis of this world is free (non-correctable) streams of information that cannot be looked for, but this is exactly what our world is doing. Information passed through somebody's mind is already corrupted, because it is subjected to readjustment for the thinker. It is inevitable. This is good for the thinker but poison for any other man. Household skills can be taught, but not the ideology. That's why neither science nor policy solves problems of this world.

Science imposes its ideology through ideologization of educational system. Policy implants its ideology through politicized system of mass media. Both are violence to information streams. Science deprives information of flexibility and turn it to dogmas. Information deprived of flexibility becomes a core of the dead world (technocracy). Intellect (the "dead mind") becomes the main property of such world. It is neither bad not good. This way is equipollent to any other ways, but this way is dead.

Think why the dead energies (necrophilia) become so popular in our world? Try to analyze some pieces of art, especially movies and literature. Where does this stream of stinking dirt come from? Terminators, zombies, vampires, ghosts, killers, maniacs of all kinds - these are the main heroes of the day. All these are materialized images of the "dead mind".

Figuratively speaking, our world is a rotting dead body over which worms are crawling. These worms are our teachers, since school till academy, that offer us to taste this dead body. They can be understood. The dead body is their feed-trough, but sooner or later it's going to rot completely, then what? The end of the world?

An opposite of the dead mind (intellect) is living mind. It is a living way of communication with the world. A man who discovered a living mind in himself, acquired a spiritual core. Main qualities of a living mind are 1) spiritual power 2) living mind 3) moral intuition 4) a man lives in information streams like a fish in water, it is showed by continuous effulgent flashes of intuition 5) opening of non-logic channels of information processing that allows to look in medias res (direct vision).

Affluence of information and quality of sense of major part of people are in direct contradiction. Policy is one of many forms of existence of zombied sense. That's why "dead minds" can't imagine a civilization without policy. A serious problem of civilization is politicized mass media. It is hard to imagine the more batchering deliberate distortion of information according to needs of the power structure. The most dangerous thing is that poisoned information has the same attractive power for the "dead mind" as nicotine for a smoker. Try not to watch TV, not to listen to the radio and you'll see yourself.


by Ludmila Osokina

On April 10, 1912, just before the midday, the bell on "Titanic" enunciated the first trip across the ocean of the biggest ship in the world. There were eight steel decks on "Titanic", one above another. The ship was very comfortable and luxiriative for passengers. 2201 people were to take this very first voyage, and it was going to be bang-up.

"Titanic" was to follow the route that excluded the possibility of clash with ice fields, but meeting the floating iceberg was quite a real thing. And this meeting took place to North from Newfoundland on April 14, at 11:40 PM. Running 21,5 knots, the ship collided with and iceberg and sank in 2 hours 40 minutes:

In 1 hour 50 minutes after collision a ship "Carpathia" that was the first to receive SOS signal, reached the place of tragedy. They took onboard and saved people from boats, but none of the passengers in cold water had survived. 1495 people died. However some explorers believe that there were much more victims, because the initial quantity of passengers is unknown due to inaccuracy in boarding registration records. There could be 2227 people.

Many valuables had sunk along with the ship: gold for ? 8 mln. and jewelry boxes with magnificent Dutch diamonds for about ? 5 mln at prices of 1912. Besides, there was an inestimable manuscript of Omar Hayam "Rubayat" onboard. And finally personal belongings of 317 families of the richest people of that time.

Details of this horrible catastrophe still remind about themselves. Few years ago a dead body of a man in smoking was found in an ice lump. It was one of the passengers of the transatlantic steamboat.

For more than seventy years it has been assumed that the tragedy happens because "Titanic" tried to set a world record of speed in crossing North Atlantic. During London investigation of the collide it was determined that due to high speed it would take less than 10 second to make a breach of 100 meters in length. This version was proved by a "witness" Max Dittmar-Pittman, who allegedly was onboard at the moment of crash. Information given by this man was published in many popular books and was taken as a plot for screenplays about "Titanic" tragedy.

However the documents found in early 90s in Germany attest that Dittmar Pittman was in hospital in one of Samoa Isles at the moment of collision and could not see it. Besides, he'd never been in Titanic crew.

In 1985 a ship was found on the ocean bed at a depth of 3800 meters. One of the most intriguing discoveries was that the gigantic ship was broken into two parts. When some pictures taken during that expeditions were examined, one of private channels of French television told sensational news: the cause of collision was not an iceberg but a huge fire that resulted in a burst in hold. Three days before the catastrophe fire broke out in coal depot. Crew tried to extinguish it, but in vain. As a proof was shown a short film taken by robot: most damaged was the middle part of the ship while in bow (which was the first to meet the iceberg) no damages were found.

We shall not exclude the possibility of new discoveries about "Titanic", but they will hardly help to reveal completely the true story of this catastrophe.



We open this May issue with the letters dedicated to the upcoming anniversary of St. Petersburg, our "Northern Capital". In 2003 it will be 300 years since it had been founded. As is known, this city was founded by famous Russian Imperior Peter the Great. There are historical evidences that the monument to this man erected in 1782 (also known as The Bronze Horseman) has a magic power. When in 1812 during Napoleon invasion it was decided to evacuate the monument to the North of the country, soldiers who were busy preparing the Bronze Horseman to this trip heard him saying that "St. Petersburg will not be surrendered until I stand on this hill". Alexander I followed the words of his Imperial ancestor. The monument was left on its place, and the city was not occupied by the French. It happened just the same during World War II, when German troops came very close to Leningrad but failed to capture it.

Every day more and more readers all across the country join our "Light your candle" ritual. But there are cases when something interferes with the process. Presumably, these are the efforts of Dark Powers. The more such cases will be studied, the easier it will be to confront them.

Everybody is sure to have heard about Year 2000 issue. Besides total crash of computer systems, year 2000 is also predicted to be nothing less than the end of the world. Our reader Vassily Znamensky reasons this fear away presenting the opinion that 2000 is a "round figure" only in decimal system of counting. Decimal system came into existence only because there were ten fingers on a human's hand. In fact, the most universal system of counting is binary one, thus year 2048 is much "rounder" than 2000.

And another story from St. Petersburg. A family living in the inner city in one of the old houses build as early as in XVII century, had to move out because of the strange feeling of depression and anxiety caused by the infra-sound with frequency below 6 Hz, which is extremely harmful for a human being. Despite of all efforts, the source of the sound was not found.


by Ludmila Osokina,

Member of the Association of Applied Parapsychology

Smolenskoye Cemetery is located on Vassilievsky Island in the historical part of St. Petersburg and is one of the oldest in the city. It emerged from a grave yard of the military prison, which was right there in the first decades of eighteen century. Dead prisoners were buried there with their jail chains on. The grave yard was first mentioned in the Church records as the official cemetery only in 1738. The cemetery was called "Smolenskoye" after the Chapel of the Smolensk Icon of Our Lady had been established there. Now it occupies about 125 acres.

The cemetery has its own history containing many mysteries and legends. Among them is the belief in miracle-making grave of Blessed Xenia.

One of mysterious episodes happened to Victor Sergeev, habitant of Vassilievsky Island when he was a schoolboy. One day in September of 1965 he and two of his teen-age friends were looking for something in the old grave yard. It started raining and the boys climbed up a big tree not to get wet. Looking down they saw a woman in a long raincoat with hood on her head. At first she seemed not to have noticed the boys. But soon she got closer and turned her hood-covered head to look up at them. And the boys clearly saw, that there was no face under hood! Just nothing but darkness. At once the woman vanished, disappeared as if never existed. The boys were scared so strongly that they could hardly run away from the cemetery. And even several days lately they were afraid to remember and talk about this. Certainly they never again tried to use the graveyard as a playground. But Victor Sergeev believes that this was not the end of the story. The faith of the three boys who met the grave yard ghost was quite unlucky. One died in accident few years later, the other was convicted for long imprisonment. Mr. V. Sergeev himself is having serious health problems since then.

This story was commented by professional psychologist Boris Prokhorov, who analyzed more than two hundred similar episodes occurred during last 37 years and compared then with the physical data about magnetic activity on corresponding days. Thus he has discovered that the phantoms appear in front of astonished and scared people in the periods of high geomagnetic activity and during the magnetic turbulences.

The scientist is sure that the three boys witnessed the same phantom because before they probably were talking about something that evoked the vision.

There are other approaches to the problem. For instance nine years ago two Leningrad (as St. Petersburg was called then) scientists biochemists M. Valchikhina and psychotherapist S. Gurevich suggested the theory of the holographic nature of the phantoms. In brief, it presumes from the fact that the human body can emit the waves and shape them as laser does. So under certain conditions those waves can be recorded and reproduced as laser hologram.

Most specialists in "ghost hunting" are sure that 92% cases of facing the phantoms have natural explanation: mirror reflections, carelessly dumped clothes etc., but 2% - are really unexplainable.

Reverend Roman from the Chapel of the Smolensk Icon of Our Lady has never seen any ghosts or phantoms at Smolenskoye Cemetery. When told the story of Victor and two other boys, he expressed the opinion that it could be either hallucination or vision of someone's unrest soul. He's sure that probably the boys had not been baptized and this could be a sign for them. Even now it is not too late for Victor to get baptized. Maybe God will help him with his health problems.


by Alexander Potapov

Once in 1939 an electrotechnician from Krasnodar (South Russia) Semyon Kirlian was repairing a medical device for high frequency electric current massage. In process he noticed the electric discharges which occurred between the glass-covered electrode and the skin of his palm. With a primitive self-made photographic instrument he managed to make pictures of his palm over the electrode. The result was astonishing: he discovered that the body was fluorescent and this fluorescence could be photographed, measured, and examined.

Ten years later he was issued a patent on his discovery which was called "Kirlian effect". Very soon the invented technology was classified secret and only years later it became known that using Kirlian effect the specialists could monitor processes within the body, and even catch the moment when the soul parts with it.

St. Petersburg scientist vice-president of the International Union of Medical and Applied Electrography Konstantin Korotkov is one of those who achieved great results in the explorations in this field. During his experiments he discovered that the next night after death the energetic processes in the body intensify and the diagram of its activity becomes close to that of a live body. Only several days after it drops down to zero.

The transaction of fluorescence from live to dead is steady, which in Korotkov's opinion proves the exotheric concept of steady exodus of the soul out of the body.

One more thrilling discovery: the shape of fluorescence depicts the real course of death what may be crucial in several criminal investigations.

The process of departure of the soul from the body generally is over two days after the death. But the final point is on the fortieth day, when the brain shows the last burst of activity - after total "silence" - which once again, and finally at last, is similar to the living brain!

K. Korotkov published several books and articles on this subject in Russia and Europe. One of them is to be published this year in New York.


by Eugeniy Lifar

Stories of "babushka" Nastya

There is an old Russian proverb saying something like "it is good to get from a scabbed sheep at least a hair flock". Babushka Nastya tells a story about a witch that lived in their village and about a hair flock that costed life to a woman who worked in KGB.


by Igor Turin and Mark Totmeninov

Global climate changes attracts the attention of people all over the world. Year 1997 presented so many weather irregularities - some altering, some even tragic.

During 130 years from 1860 till 1990 the global average yearly temperature have increased 0,5 C. Sounds not significant, but according to the specialists, global temperature increase of 1,5 - 2,5 C will cause thawing of polar ice and elevation of World Ocean level by 100-150 meters. The scale of the disaster will be clearly seen if you just look at the map of America, England, Western Europe, Japan or Indonesia.

The forecast for years 1990-2010 is not very much optimistic. It is that during this two decades there will be the same temperature increase as it was during previous 130 years. And the critical temperature increase up to 1,7 - 1,8 C will be reached by year 2025.

The explanation of this is not limited to the widely discussed "greenhouse effect". Serious factors are the shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth, changes of Gulfstream current which fails to be "Atlantic heater", widely mentioned but poorly studied phenomenon of "El Nino", etc.

The prospects of such developments may not sound positive, and many governments prefer to keep this information restricted. Quite reasonable, if those forecasts indicate that the climate "heavens" may shift to Western Siberia and suitable living conditions will be available only for 1 billion people.


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