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The letters from our readers. Todays topic of discussion - cloths. Find out the way your cloth can relief the toothache, why one should be careful with second-hand and why little elephants are so good. Also: "Light your candle" ritual - clean your soul; where the soothsayer Avel lived and what he told to Russian tsars; what people say about the music of spheres. Write us, join our discussion and share your ideas and opinions with others!

by Vladimir Tormishov

If a man strongly believes in penetrability of a wall, sooner or later he will pass through it. From the point of view of our hypothetical essence, a brick wall is nothing more than a gathering of molecules, much like a cloud of dust hanging in the air. There is some free space between them, therefore a human body can pass through it, if its structure is loose enough. It only takes to imagine well what is behind the wall:

by Vladimir Balyberdin, candidate of technical science

What did the universe come from? Despite of all known efforts, this problem is yet to be resolved. One of the orthodox versions is that universe came from the finest material substance called ether. It was first expressed by Aristotle in IV century BC. Today, many years after, this theory proves to be correct.


Are pterodactyls still alive? It is impossible according to the traditional paleonthologic science. But many people happened to see them in different places - from Trenton, New Jersey, USA to Russian Siberia and former colonial Africa. Evidences from a scientist, colonial officer, farmer and others.

by Albert Golovko

From Stonehedge to Zimbabwe the great and mysterious monuments of millennium-old "great stones" culture can be found. Who and what for created 1600 km long underground tunnel system in Algeria and erected sky reaching shrines in Peru and Mexico? Legends from Northern Europe to Southern Africa describe those masters of megaliths - dwarfs having great knowledge and technology.

by L. Samarkina-Jarskaya, Sochi UFO Center

Some people believe to have experienced contacts with UFOs and extraterristeals. Quite a lot of others show eagerness to establish such a contact if given a chance. Sounds great with their quest to gain Universal knowledge and to satisfy ambition or curiosity. But one must know it is dangerous!


Valentine V. Bankova, doctor of biologic sciences, biochemist, pathophysiologist, presents her original insight into the causes of some diseases of our century, including cancer, syndrome of chronic fatigue et al. The application of very sensitive biochemical method with the computer interpretation of results allowed to establish the relationship of condition cell adaptation and bioenergry and to prove the impact of the energetic pollution on biochemical processes in cell membrane and thus on general health condition of a human being.

(Around the world of incredible news review)

- Sorcerers legalized in Tanzania and granted the privileges of members of State Health Department.

- Hypnosis proved to be the most effective healing in case of a sailor in Spain. He was seriously injured and doctor with medicine could scarcely help him. But a person with hypnotic abilities made it!

- Virus from antique boutique caused a rare form of flu to an American gentlemen, who purchased a genuine bed of Louis XIII epoque. Medical scientists identified that virus as a historical one, probably having been hidden and preserved in the bed.

- Have most of us ever known that a dragon fly can make 114 km/h, and a gadfly can be seen 1600 miles away from shore in high seas!

- German ornithologists are sure that doves just smell their way home.

- American cop bitten by alligator, which he bought to present to his son, had been healed completely by a radiance from a UFO before he reached doctor's cabinet.



The humanity has quite succeeded in development of the ideas which only yesterday were hard to believe. According to Victor Fateyev from Ekaterinburg, the greatest problem of today is to see a piece of virgin nature in real life and not in virtual reality.


Death. This question has already been a topic of discussion, but we still receive many letters from our readers suggesting different approaches to the matter. These letters are the most complicated in our mail.
When will the end of the world be? A reader from Moscow region suggests that we witness it today. Should we leave any message for whose who will come after us? Most of the readers think we should not. For the beginning of this discussion see our March issue.
An anonymous reader needs help to neutralize negative energy of his mother as he believes she's a witch.
It is quite tempting to travel in space and time. Only few people have such knowledge. Of course, they can take other people along their way, but the question is: will they ever come back?
There is quite a lot of letters describing contacts with representatives of the other civilizations. Who are they and are those contacts always positive? Practice shows that often it is not what it seems.

by Tatiana Bogdanchikova

On August 19, 1997, exactly 90 years after its sanctification, a restored Church of Christ Resurrection in St. Petersburg was newly open to public. This church was built at the place where the Russian tsar Alexander II, who abolished serfdom and launched liberal reforms, had been assassinated by revolutionary terrorists. That is why the church was also called "The Saint Savior On the Blood". It had never been an ordinary church - no weddings, or any other delightful services. Only sorrow, repentance and pray.
Soon after October revolution in 1917 this church had been plundered and set afire. Afterwards the building was used as vegetable storehouse and even as morgue.
Now it is church once again as well as very special museum. During the first two days after opening there was a very long (from subway station to the entrance) queue of visitors. The church will be the place of the repentance. In Russia November 7, which has been officially proclaimed the Day of propitiation and consent, is planned to become a memory day for those killed in all wars and revolutions.

a publication by Leonid Dolzhenitsyn

urHistorical chronicles and memoirs contain evidence about prediction of certain events long before they actually occur, as well as about strange advents of so-called White and Black Ladies (ghosts) at European royal cots boding death to monarchs and their courtiers.

by Ludmila Samarkina-Jarskaya

There are thousands of incredible facts, thousands of witnesses. UFOs can be seen at various regions of our planet, but mostly in places of tectonic breaks and other geographic anomalies. The presented are the cases of appearance of UFOs registered by Sochi UFO center. Most of them come across the valley rivers Sochi and Akhunu. As many witnesses say, UFOs end their flights usually in mountains, where, as to our assumption, "their" energy base is located. The purpose of this base is to take the energy out of the geologic breaks.

by Vladimir Tormishov

Pope Benedict XIV once wrote: "It seems like we should consider as a fact the existence of a natural flame which can often be seen around a human head, as well as the ability of a human body to emit flame, not like a bonfire but like sparks spreading in random directions". Currently it is impossible to give a complete explanation of this phenomenon, however it is often observed and some regularities are evident. This flame is of biologic origin, nature of which has not been studied yet. But some excessive human bioenergy under certain circumstances may be transformed into heat and luminous energy which can be seen and detected by means of experiments.
Scientists believe, though, that there are explanations to the so-called pyrocinesis effect which do not contradict basics of quantum physics and theory of Albert Einstein.

by Alexander Potapov

Human beings have already reached the surface of Moon, explorers study the photographs of the most remote planets of Solar system, but quite close to us is the world, till now full of mysteries and secrets. It is a baffling world of ocean abyss. 70 per cent of the earth's surface is covered by layer of water of more than three kilometers. The question arises, can the depths of seas be inhabited by any human beings which many millenniums ago abandoned earth's surface and settled for good in the "blue abyss". For many it can seem fantastic. However do not hurry with the conclusions. The contemporary science has not yet said its categorical "no" as to this question. In the meantime numerous facts in historical chronics and information from witnesses, time and again appearing in mass media, insist: everything is possible.

(Around the world of incredible news)

In 1981 members of a scientific expedition to Tele lake (Congo) witnessed a gigantic (more than 10 meters in length) reptile that looked much like a dinosaur. The computer analysis of voice of this monster performed by Kenneth Templin, California, showed that this creature is unknown to contemporary science.
A giant footprint was found on one of the rocks in Transvaal, South Africa. It is a precise copy of left foot of a man. It was discovered in 1912. Aborigines say that it belongs to a member of the vanished tribe of Cyclops that used to live there many years ago. An interesting thing is that there is a matching right footprint in Sri Lanka, to the East of Colombo.



Currently we are receiving a lot of poetical letters, although our magazine is not the literary one. As a rule, we don't publish poetry, but this time we have made few exceptions. First is a poem of one of our readers from Khabarovsk region dedicated to homeless children. It is a perfect illustration to, and a natural result of, a process which can be described as "decrease in spirituality". This problem does not seem to have an ultimate solution, and, as in any "Russian" problem, there are two major issues here: "what to do" and "who is to blame for it". Well, everybody has to decide for himself.
Many of our readers believe that the candle flame can confront these negative indications, and the next poem in this issue is dedicated to our "Clean your soul" ritual. Furthermore, a human soul is not the only thing to be cleaned with the candle flame. We give few advice how to clarify your dwelling, to banish those invisible creatures that traditionally inhabit any place where humans live, causing fear and negative emotions.
Water has long been known as a perfect "cleaner". But the matter is that nowadays the water itself is hardly ever pure enough. Here is an absolutely cost-free, easy method to purify any water: it should be completely frozen to ice, and then naturally (with no flame applied) melted. Once melted, it is absolutely pure and good for health, because this process is pretty similar to natural water circulation.
An Albert Golovko's article "Megalith culture" (N 65-67) resonated deeply with our readers. A reader from the Bryansk region levels a hypothesis that it was dwarfs who were our common ancestors, vanished as a result of struggle with "normal" people. Some think that this was nothing more but just a natural selection.
Certainly any theory has a right to exist. Be it as it may, the question is still open to discussion.


Since ancient times the grand sight of burning sea startled imagination of humans. Greek scientist Aristotle (382 -322 B.C.) and roman writer Plinius (23 or 24-79 A.D.) wrote about this. This was regularly noted in shipping journals by seamen, it attracted the interest of biologists, and it inspired writers. During several centuries thousands of observations described to a high accuracy were gained. Famous Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) eye witnessed the phenomenon during his voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle.
Well known Russian writer Konstantin Paustovskiy wrote about blazing sea: "Sea burnt. It seemed like its bottom consisted of crystal illuminated by moonlight from below. Light overflowed up to horizon, and wherein the darkness always condenses, the sky sparkled, as if covered by silver mist. Broad light slowly faded. But after a moment of blackness the sea again was transformed into unfamiliar stellar sky, derelict to our feet. Myriad of stars, the hundreds of Galaxies flowed under water. They sank extincting, on the very bottom and then started shining again, bursting on the water surface. Eye distinguished two lights: motionless, slowly dangled in water, and another light -- all in motion, cleaving the water by quick violet flashes: We were present at one of the most impressing sights in the world."
It is more or less clear to modern scientists, that "burning sea" may be caused by fluorescent micro organisms. Even the chemical formula of their fluorescent agent had been figured out.
More mysteriously look the scenes of so called shaped fluorescence. Sometimes it appears in the sea in the image of strange turning wheels. For ages the seamen were quite scared to face those light wheels in high seas. Europeans called them "diabolic merry-go-round" and Orientals - "the Wheels of Buddha". Plenty of evidence is available from historic and modern sources, including official records in shipping journals. No reliable scientific explanation, though.

"The light wheels" in the sea is the secret, not solved to the end. They probably result from technogen activity of a highly developed civilization absconded in inaccessible abyss of the World ocean. In favor of such assumption witnesses the strange discovery made by the abyssal bathyscaph of Australian naval forces in 1997 .
The vessel was examining deep bottom area alongside Tierra del Fuego, and its camera took a picture of submarine city or plant at 35 meters above bottom (depth was about 6000 m). "Homes" or "carcasses" were found to have oval shape and radiated strong inner light. Distinctly pictured contours allowed experts to completely expel version about phosphorescent putrid residues of organic origin, for instance of squids.
The film was thoroughly studied by the specialists of Melbourne University and of Royal Institute of Oceanology. The scientists concluded that this construction had been of artificial origin. But next filming of the same district arranged in a short while showed nothing. Thus, arose two versions: either constructions changed their location, or the "objects" performed a black-out - they switched off the lights.
This was published in German newspaper "Hamburger Abendblat". What did the camera capture? A city, a secret military object, a submarine base of Aliens or something else at all -- it is still an uttermost secret.

by Vitaliy DIACHKOV

The phenomenon of rings on the fields, which first was discovered and most frequently seen in England, is known all over the world. Rings and other shapes can be found on the fields in other countries, and in Russia as well. All of this figures are formed in same way: by winding round the upper part of plants, mostly of cereals. Sometimes inside the circles or rings one can see somewhat like hollows from landing gear or maybe from surface sampling device. In certain cases something like time deviations were noticed inside those rings.
But here is another story. In 1992 farmers in a remote village in Kostroma Region (North Central Russian) watched UFOs over the meadow. During haymaking they found there the rings 3-4 meters in diameter, formed by pieces of some black substance, pressed into the soil. Those pieces were at once picked up by local farmers as "souvenirs". Finally one of them was presented to the author and brought to the expertise in 1996. It turned out to consist of iron with quite regular admixtures. But the astonishing thing was that it would not melt in Volt's arc! According to the experts, it had been subject to super intensive thermal or other energetic interaction. But when and where?

by Alexander POTAPOV

Staying alive without brain sounds nonsense to any sane person. Nevertheless, there is plenty of medical documentary evidence of doing without brain so well, that neither the doctors, nor the patients and their co-mates noticed its absence. The examples range from XVI century Dutch physician Lusitanius till modern clinical cases in Paris, New York, Moscow region, Italy and South America.
Theoretical explanation of this unbelievable irregularities is given by Russian scientific expert Yuri Fomin. According to him, Austrian biologist P. Weiss was basically right, when at the beginning of this century he supposed that the embryo is surrounded by certain morphogenetic field, which creates organs and organisms from cell material. Modern scientists share the opinion that the information, which determine life and development of the organism is accumulated and stored not in the sells nucleus, but in the field around it. This can explain not only the cases of staying alive with heavily damaged or demolished brain, but also the mechanism of transferring the hereditary information.

Published by Leonid Dolzhenitsyn

This article is not very much known to general public though it was written more than one hundred years ago by one of the father-founders of classic Russian literature Vassili Andreevich Zhukovski (1783 - 1852). This is a must to read not only for those who are interested in description of historical ghosts, but also for specialists and intellectuals seeking to understand the spiritual trends of creators of classical Russian culture to whom Vassili Andreevich Zhukovski belongs.

Ludmila OSOKINA , member of Association of applied parapsychology

This is all about the "rod stalkers" - those who use the mysterious technique of founding water, metals and stones hidden under surface using Y-shaped wine rods or "magic wands" like that.
Images of wizards with Y-shaped warders can be seen on the ancient Egyptian pictures. Ancient Chinese portrayed one of their Emperors who was believed to be a supreme magician with a "magic rod" in his hand busy looking for "dragon's vein".
As the matter of fact this mysterious technique of rod stalking is quite of common knowledge. In Asia and certain parts of Europe peasants simply use it to find the right location to dig the well. In Soviet Army there was an official instruction for the soldiers how to find water with the help of primitive rod. During the war in Vietnam Americans used the rod stalking to decrease losses from Vietnamese "non-conventional" weapon - the bamboo mines.
In modern Saint Petersburg this technique is used to solve very complicated engineering and ecological problems. While the scientists still debate the nature of rod's indicative motion, the "rod stalking" works and saves billions of cash to city authorities and business entities.

by Georgiy POLKOVSKIY, honorary academician of International Academy of Energy Information Sciences.

These are memoirs of the person, who believes himself to be an embodiment of El Gau, supreme being, directly connected to the informational field of Absolute and to the field of Spirit as Creative Source of Nature.
He was born in 1927 in Arkhangelsk region (Northern Russia). Since 1933 he lives in Mineralnye Vody, Caucasus region (Southern Russia). He is a veteran of Soviet Army, a geologist with 26 years of experience and a member of the group "Nucleus", which unites people sure to be in contact with extra terrestrials.



One of the readers describes his own experience of telepathy. He is sure he actually felt the trouble in which his son got hundred miles away.
Olga from Kirov region believes that someday she will hear the heavenly music once described by "Incredible World".
Our reader V.Klimenok from Irkutsk region argues with Nostradamus. He comes to the conclusion that Nostradamus made some of his predictions not simply as the statements about the future but as warnings to help the mankind to avoid certain dangers including nuclear catastrophe.

by Ludmila Osokina

In 1990 there were some speculations in the press about a spacecraft which landed in Atlantic. I had a crew of three astronauts. Their mission started in 1943 and continued for 47 years. The spacecraft was a modified version of famous German V-2, designed by rocket king Werner von Braun.
The same year mass media spread the statement of former Luftvaffe officer, who claimed to be the first human to enter the space. According to him, the first space flight took place in 1943.
Werner von Braun was heading German rocket program which had been actively developed since 1937. From September 1942 German V-2s were used to attack London and other European cities.
For quite a long time, specialists were sure that the rumors about V-3 were just a myth but later certain documents were disclosed to prove that such a weapon had not only been projected, but even had been tested. By 1943 the design of a powerful rocket system A9/A10 had been completed. The rocket complex was capable of bringing a human pilot to space. But its designation was to bomb New York and Washington in the USA. They were to be manned by suicide astronauts. One of those rockets had been launched but didn't reach the target. If it did, the consequences would have been unpredictable.
In 1945 Werner von Braun got in contact with the US intelligence. In November 1945, when in Nurnberg the International Tribunal was prosecuting German was criminals, Werner von Braun and his assistance were busy assembling V-2s on the American territory.
Since then he was engaged in the US rocket program. He was one of those who masterminded the "Apollo" project, which brought Americans to the Moon. Verner von Braun retired in 1972 and died in 1977 in USA. He took all his mysterious secrets into his grave and those secrets are very likely to exist. Like that of the returning to the Earth of the American astronaut whose space craft "Gemini" landed in March 1991 after having been missing for 23 years.

Published by Leonid Dolzhenitsyn

A story of an icon painter Timothey Arkhipov, a person who predicted the Tsar's crown to Russian empress Anna Ioanovna. Originally the story was published in 1842.

by Vassily Cosinov

In Soviet Army there were many well-documented reports about the incidents when an armed soldier on guard fired upon a strange creature, which would vanish afterwards. No bullets were found. Only empty shells. According to military regulations, the soldiers were examined by medical doctors, but no traces of irregularity in their health or mental conditions were found.
This is just to add to numerous recorded stories about Americans who protected themselves from space invaders with firearms, but with the same results.

though the TV was off
by Vitaly Diachkov

A story told by an artist living in Petropavlovsk (Far East of Russia) in his letter. For two nights he was watching some kind of interactive TV program on the screen of his TV set, an old-fashioned model, which was actually not in working condition and even unplugged. The program seemed to be transmitted from the UFO visible through the window.

by Eugeniy Barkovskiy

A specialized review of modern scientific approach to the problems of possible impact of seismic processes even in "stable" areas like Central Russia on objects like nuclear power stations. This impact might be far more dangerous than it is being considered because the traditional approach does not take into the account many aspects. But they do exist. The author points them out and gives a brief description.

by Alexander Potapov

The fascinating story about adventures in time which seem to happen in different parts of the world. In 1983 British cargo ship was attacked by XVII century pirates on its way from Colombo to Bombay. Indian ship "Seastar" vanished in 1992 and was believed to have sunk with 39 crew members and 10 passengers. But in October 1995 it appeared with all people on board safe and sound. In 1993 a submarine of the US navy suddenly disappeared near Bermuda Triangle and find itself in Indian Ocean, ten thousand miles away. This transposition took only few seconds but the crew members got older as if for 20-30 years. Many more episodes of the same kind are described. The author believes that those are not just speculations.

This is a new column which is started beginning this issue
The editor of this column is engineer-physicist
Alexander Zheleznyakov
who is the creator of "Cosmonautics" Encyclopedia, parts of which are now available on the Internet

by Alexander Zheleznyakov

A documentary about Soviet programs aimed on landing of space pilots on the surface of the Moon. The program was launched in 1946. Few unsuccessful test flights prevented Soviets from landing on the Moon in 1968. After the Americans successfully reached the Moon, this Moon race was over. Since 1974 the Moon landing project was abandoned.



We are glad to meet our old and new readers in 1998! Let all our dreams, all the expected come true, let all the bad pass us by.
We have a number of letters received in the end of the last year containing grumble about the God or maybe our Cosmic Creators who initiated the existence of this world, and then left it alone to face its own problems. In those letters some people mourn about the fate of the Humanity and especially of our society.
Instead of arguing we suggest to see the truth. To our mind the truth is that the Humanity has been smart enough to comprehend many of the laws of the material nature but it failed to have enough mind and majority sole to understand more important, supreme rules expressed in religious, moral and ethic principles. Sometimes we want to do what we want and to get what we want. But this is not the way it can be. If you want bread, you have to prepare dough. One can not bake the bread out of mud. Its a Law. Isn't it just ?
Julia Andreeva from Tula region writes in her letter that she believes, that the last Russian Tsar and his family must be buried as they should have wished themselves - near their relatives in St. Petersburg. Though we are not aware of any written statement by the Tsar on this issue, it is quite well known, that Tsar Nicholas II and the Royal Family never objected about the tradition of burying the Romanovs in St. Petersburg. So we believe that all the delays with the burial of finally identified remains are immoral. Once again we violate the Supreme Laws and than are frustrated with shocks and embarrassments in our society.
S.N.Kovalevsky from northern Russian city of Severodvinsk in his letter gives his own explanation of video hit "Alien Autopsy" which he believes not to be a fake. This reader has original though controversive approach to the matter.
As usually, the Postbox of January presents a wide range of readers opinions on different subjects - from personality of Pythagoras the project to contact ET civilizations known as "SETI".

by Ludmila Osokina, member of Applied Parapsychology Association
(investigation scuttled the myth)

In the beginning of 1997 newspapers of St. Petersburg published a sensational article by Polina Konovrotskaya about the fact that figures of sphinxes near St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts affected people detrimentally. These sphinxes hypnotized people and gave them various orders - to steal, to blackmail, to fight - and even to kill. Konovrotskaya called it "an energetic attack". She described several cases, when such influence caused mental disorder and other diseases of mind.
Besides, there was another publication on this matter by Vitaly Gerasimov, a well-known Russian historian. He wrote, among other things, that at first the victim wants to have a walk on the quay near the Academy, then he longs to see the sphinxes and finally victim sees nothing but the figure's face. This influence can continue up to several days.
These publications intrigued me and I decided to get some proof for these mysterious facts and to try it out myself. For a few days standing in front of sphinxes I tested my functional condition and emotional excitement with a special device called "Biometer". By the end of this experiment it appeared so that I didn't feel anything unusual and all the measured parameters did not exceed their regular values.
Then why did Gerasimov and others believe in existence of such detrimental affection? The reason is very simple. Gerasimov based his idea on the fact that in some ancient Greek legends sphinxes were considered to be furious monsters who would devour their victims if they didn't solve a conundrum. But figures of sphinxes that stand near St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, were brought to Russia in 1832 from Egypt. And for ancient Egyptians sphinx was a symbol of the good and was not associated with anything bad or destructive.
Thus the myth was scuttled, and now St. Peterburg students and professors have nothing to be afraid of anymore...

by Alexander Potapov

How deep can a man submerge under water without any special equipment? Latest scientific researches shows that there is no definite answer to this question yet. Earlier it was assumed that the maximum depth a human being could submerge to was 90 meters. Lately, however, this assumption turned out to be incorrect.
According to physiologists, the most dangerous thing when diving to such depths is the destruction of a chestbone due to a great difference between pressure in lungs and pressure in water environment. But this danger can be greatly reduced if a diver briefs out completely before submerging. This so-called condition of "residual capacity" of lungs allows a human being to dive five times deeper than with lungs full of air.
An interesting thing is that lungs protection mechanism of the marine mammals, which allows them to submerge to stunning depths without destruction of the chestbone, differs considerably from that of human beings. For example a dolphin in search of food can dive up to 100-200 meters deep, whales can submerge to a depth of 300-350 meters. An absolute "champion" is a spermwhale. His "record" is about 1 kilometer.
The World Record of the depth to which a professional diver can submerge without exposing himself to risk of physical destruction of the chest is 133 meters by now. Is there a limit?

by Vitaly Diachkov

A phenomenon of prediction of certain events and facts has been known to people since ancient times. All around the world wizards and soothsayers of different kinds did forecast weather, harvest, victories, success in trade and so on. In many cases these predictions proved to be correct. Let's look at some examples. According to the memoirs left by close friends of a great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, in 1818 a famous St. Petersburg fortune-teller A. Kirkhgof predicted that Pushkin would become very well known and would die at the age of 37 from the hand of a tall white haired man on a white horse.
In as early as 1918 a Russian revolutionary leader Nikolay Bukharin was predicted to be executed in his own country.(And he actually was under Stalin). "Will the Soviet government be overthrown?" asked Bukharin with a great surprise. "I don't know under which government, but you will be executed in Russia" answered the soothsayer.
Everyone knows Nostradamus and his famous centuries. But it may seem curious that ten years ago one of Russian magazines published a diary of a teenager, who in 1940 predicted most of the events of World War II which would have happened on Soviet territory, including the date of German invasion.
There is an old proverb saying: no man is profet in his own country. But such men have always been and always will be, we just have to notice and to listen to them.

by Leonid Dolzhenitsyn

As is noted, the closer is the century to its end, the higher is the interest to the extraordinary. But the extraordinary is inherent to any time, and short extracts from biographies of famous historical persons are the perfect proof for that. Here are some.
Famous Russian admiral Nakhimov was killed in battle on June 28. Two days before, while having a dinner, he had seen a red light in shape of a thumb cross on the table in front of him. One day before his death one of the soldiers serving under his command said that the first bullet in the next battle would kill him. Nakhimov did not believe, but it happened so.
In Odessa on April 15, 1880 died Elizaveta Vorontsova, a close friend of Alexander Pushkin. She was well known for her great contribution to educational system in Russia, and after her death one of Caucasian newspapers published a large article about her. The article contained an interesting fact. For a long time before her death, Elizaveta was practically unable to walk or even move without help. But on the day before she died she had risen from the bad all by herself and cried out: "My dear sister! You are here! I am so happy!" Next day the spirit of her sister, who had died several year before, took her away and she died.

by Alexander Zheleznyakov

For decades certain information abut the USSR missile projects was known only to a closed circle of specialists. In the USSR, and later in Russia, publications about the history of research of nuclear warhead bearing rockets were very scarce. The Western publications were inaccurate and sometimes speculative. Only in 1992 in Moscow during the scientific conference in course of International Year of Space the missile projects "Burya" (Storm) and "Buran" (Blizzard) were first mentioned in open scientific discussion.
Those projects were conducted in USSR in late 1940s - early 1950s. Actually those were quite ambitious but realistic programs to build up medium and long range cruise missile systems bound to deliver nuclear warheads to American military bases in Europe and to the territory of USA itself. As a matter of fact, Americans had a program which was very much the same by its aim and by its technological contents. Quite a peculiar here is the fact that both sides seemed to have been aware of the German efforts in this area as early as in 1944, and possibly might have been using some of their results or the same ideas. Famous Soviet scientists, including "the father" of Soviet space craft Sergey Korolev, were involved in this program.
By mid 50s both Soviets and Americans achieved a success in building reliable and effective long range nuclear weapon systems based on ballistic missile technology. Mainly for this reason both sides abandoned the cruise missile programs which were almost completed.
The cruise missiles attracted the attention of military once again only in mid 70s. Cruise nuclear missiles are now one of the most effective weapons in both Russian and American armies, but this is another story.

by Eugeniy Barkovskiy, a research scientist of Institute of physics of Earth of Russian Academy of Sciences

There is an assumption that nuclear-powered submarine wreckage, when it happens not due to any mechanical or control failure, is quite predictable and is determined by certain seismocyclonic processes in the Ocean.

As well as for nuclear power plants, there is a great seismic danger of earthquakes for nuclear-powered submarines. This danger has nothing to do with mechanical vibrations of soil. The processes which actually occur in seismic center during the earthquake are much more fundamental and complicated in physical sense. And so is the affection of seismic center to nearby zones, be it soils or water.
This non-orthodoxal conception of an earthquake considers it as a consequence of the explosion of "a physical vacuum" in soils near places of faults when they are activated or form a new fault in the soil. If the earthquake is intensive, this may cause the gravity cease to exist at all, which would lead to activation of unpredictable processes in nuclear block of a submarine as well as to total loss of control. Considering the number of earthquakes that happen everyday, it is very easy for a submarine to come across it.
Of course, this is just an assumption. This assumption is based on the close examination of this non-orthodoxal geophysical concept. Author believes that taking in account these considerations, a proper recommendations will be made that will possibly prevent accidents of this kind.

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