Knowledge in Symbols. Canvas, oil.


Imagine that someone decided to help the humanity, that suffers from social, military, ecological and other problems, to get to know itself, acquire the Upper Knowledge and learn to apprehend the other Law. So the herald was sent to the Earth and her name was Lubov Talimonova. She has been fond of painting ever since she was a little girl. There was nothing special in her drawings in the early age, but she drew mountains the most. Later, when she grew older and went to France and England to exhibit her pictures, she realised that the sings on her pictures were exactly the same as those on the megaliths. She'd never seen them before, but portrayed them very naturally. Specialists could easily recognise the signs of the Universe, Equinox and the others on her paintings.After seeing her pictures, many people admit that they had already seen some of them in certain situations. A man, who recovered from the clinical death says that he was flying towards that great shining Moon. Several pictures of L.Talimonova were even taken to the "MIR" space station. Several books and picturealbums of hers have been published in Russia. Now she leaves abroad. Malice and the cruel envy of those, who had considered it highly indiscreet, made her leave her home town and later Russia.
This affected her so strongly that she practically got blind. She was operated on in London, and now she seems to be better, though several more operations are yet to be done. While having no ability to paint, she was dictating a book in Russian, intended for Russian audience. But will there be anyone, who has money to publish it as well as who needs this artwork ?
We still hope, we do hope to read the new books and see the paintings of the Herald sent to us from the other worlds.

by Tatiana Bogdanchikova

6442 .Megaliths are Slipping Away into Eternity. Canvas, oil.

The Solar Eclipse and Mysteries of the Earth. Canvas, oil.

Old Desolate Spot. Canvas, oil.


When the Moon is Big. The Fullmoon. Paper, gouache.

Space. Aries. Paper, gouache.
The work was taken to the space ship "Mir"


Editor-in-chief D.r Alexander V.Bogdanchikov. "Incredible World" international magazine Co.Ltd.RN 831 /index 31540/ Russia. Copiright c 1998-2002. All rights reserved.

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